Pre-purchase home INSPECTION and pre-listing inspection

Our Pre-Purchase Home Inspections and Pre-Listing Inspections start at $300; this includes the main, single-family residence and a garage, whether attached or detached.  Additional costs are based on age, size and the presence of a crawlspace.  Other structures on the property will be negotiated as needed.  Multi-unit residences will be negotiated as needed.  Homes over 5000 square feet will be negotiated as needed.

  • Base Price: $300

  • Age: Add $20 for a home built before 1960

  • Size: Add $20 for a home greater than 2500 square feet

  • Crawlspace: Add $20

RADON testing

Our Radon Testing can be done alone or bundled with one of our Professional Home Inspections.

  • Bundled: $75 if purchased with a Home Inspection

  • No Bundle: $100 if purchased alone

These are flat fees that include the device, laboratory costs, shipping, travel and the comprehensive Written Report.

New homes, townhomes and Condo inspections

New Homes, Townhomes and Condos have an affordable flat rate, regardless of size.  

  • $275 for either Inspection

These are complete, General Home Inspections that include a full, detailed Written Report.