Eric Martin Larson has over a decade of experience working in construction, carpentry and remodeling.  He has worked in and around thousands of homes, and has spent thousands of hours conducting professional home inspections, working hand-in-hand with home owners, home buyers and real estate professionals.  More than that, Eric himself is a home owner.  He understands the questions, stresses and concerns that come with purchasing homes and owning homes and he knows how to work with you to educate and provide piece-of-mind.  

Certifications and associations

Eric has spent thousands of hours studying text and taking exams in the interest of being a fully qualified and certified professional home inspector, up to date on all modern techniques and technologies.  

  • He is Certified as a Professional Home Inspector with the American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT).

  • He is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

  • He is a graduate of the Professional Home Inspector Institute (PHII) Radon Training Course and is a Certified Radon Measurement Technician through the AARST National Radon Proficiency Program.

  • Fully licensed and credentialed by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.


Martin Home Inspections LLC and its services are fully covered with General Liability and Errors and Omissions Insurance.  As part of our insurance requirements, all Clients are required to read and sign our Inspection Agreement before our Inspections are conducted.


Eric Martin Larson is the owner and operator of Martin Home Inspections LLC.  He was raised in Madison, WI and proudly calls Green Bay his home.  He is passionate about the homes he inspects, and everyone he works with during the process.  He is always willing to teach, and even more willing to listen and learn.  Whether you are a home buyer, home owner, home seller, real estate agent, mortgage broker, shaker, baker or candlestick maker, Eric will be available, responsive and thorough through every step of the Inspection and beyond.  

Eric's other passion is his family.  Eric can often be seen walking his dog or--as a proud father will--taking his son for bike-rides to the park.

Eric Martin Larson

Our Standards of practice and code of ethics

Following the rules and guidelines set forth by Professional Inspectors far more wise and experienced than ourselves (though we wish to someday be one of the revered) is instrumental to our mission.  Martin Home Inspections LLC adheres strictly to the Standards of Practice (SOP) and Code of Ethics (COE) of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the oldest and largest Home Inspector Organization in the Nation.

Our inspection reports

Martin Home Inspections LLC is associated with Home Gauge Inspection Reporting.  Home Gauge is an innovator in the field of Home Inspection Software and allows us to make accurate, efficient Written Reports using top-of-the-line software and technology.